Why I chose to have my placenta encapsulated

Ok, let me begin by saying that it’s not for everyone, just like natural birth isn’t for everyone. For some the very thought of consuming bodily waste can make people very queasy. I hadn’t heard of encapsulation until my beliefs changed around birth and I had opted to have a homebirth. My midwives suggested it as they had seen the benefits in the mothers that they had supported for many years. They didn’t push it, it was completely up to me what I did with the information provided.

I did my research and came upon placentabenefits.info, would I be doing any harm by giving it a go? I was curious and very interested in learning some natural methods to aid recovery and healing post birth. Read about what I have learned here.............

This amazing organ that nurtured my babies, fed them and supported their growth for 9 months was full of nutrients, minerals, oxytocin and iron. Well why not? I didn’t even get to see my first two placentas, they were whipped away and thrown out into the biohazard waste bin.

I discovered that there were two different methods, traditional chinese and raw. I chose the raw method and also invested in the tincture, cream and placenta prints. The amount of capsules you receive depend on the size of the placenta and the method used. Mine lasted for exactly 12 wks taking one in the morning and one at night always with food as this aided the not so nice tasting after burps. (if you can imagine what eating dog biscuits would taste like) I did notice that if I doubled the dose that I felt quite out of this world after the initial first week. I trusted my intuition and what my body was telling me and reduced the dose. 

If my midwife hadn’t examined my placenta this time I would have never known that there was a twin either or that I had a battledore insertion. I was truly amazed.

Did I see any benefits? Yes I believe so, my milk came in and I wasn’t a blubbering mess on day three. I was living in another state away from family and friends, I had 3 little boys under 4, I was grieving my lost little girl, my baby boy was in pain and showing all the same symptoms towards allergies and reflux and yet I was full of an energy I had not experienced. I was out and about meeting new people within 2 wks post birth. I could take on the world the way I was feeling! Mother nature’s cocktail mix of happiness was not going to waste this time.